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Didar Singh Khalsa Live! – June 23rd @ 8pm
On April 25, 2018 By admin

Tickets: $10 (Buy Now)
Doors open at 7:30pm, Show starts at 8.

Stop by the store to pick up a free CD with your purchase of a ticket!

With songs like “Hi Thee Here” and “Like Stink on a Skunk,” Didar Singh Khalsa exemplifies a whimsical taste in songwriting, touting lyrics that focus on turn-of-phrase such as “Don’t count me out before you’ve done the math.” Khalsa is an alternative folk rock artist local to the Davis area and Woodland who’s music could be described as simplistic without being simple. His 3-4 piece band performs with a precision that makes more complex musical ideas seem perfectly natural. The band usually consists of two guitars, a singer, and a drummer, and is always “in the groove.” Having recently released a series of CDs under various curious titles such as “Terms of My Parole,” “Out On My Own Recognizance,” and “Nail My Theses,” Khalsa is proud to bring his music to The Melon Ball stage.

Didar has played guitar since he was knee high to a gopher (about 52 years). He has written 90 songs or so in the last six years as he retires from 38 years of running Guru Ram Das Orchards. His works have been featured at the Davis Co-Op over many of those years. About six years ago he started to frantically write songs, inspired by attending Richard Thompson’s guitar/songwriting camp in upstate New York. The songs attempt to make sense of life’s foibles and often drift into interesting spiritual metaphors. Didar uses a flat pick and two middle fingers to play a more rhythmically complex scheme while still having the teardrop pick for solos, a style often referred to as “hybrid picking”.

Listen to his music here: https://didarsinghkhalsa.bandcamp.com/

Or stop into the store to get a free CD!

Pieter Pastoor Hosts 200th episode of Listening Lyrics -5/25
On April 20, 2018 By admin

Pieter Pastoor celebrates his 200th episode of local KDRT program Listening Lyrics. Featuring local artists, Listening Lyrics has supported the local music scene through commercial free radio, by providing songwriters and singers a chance to share their thoughts on the nature of music-making on the air. Pieter and his wife have been hosting Listening Lyrics long enough to make lasting connections with so many of Davis’ phenomenal artists, now they join us in The Melon Ball this Friday afternoon for over an hour of radio fun! Learn more about this special event here or watch the program live on Friday may 25 at 4pm at Watermelon Music!

Five Dollar Friday – KatGrüvs 6/15
On April 20, 2018 By admin

This month’s show features “KatGrüvs,” one of our very own Watermelon Music teachers!

Show starts at 8:00, and tickets are available at the door.

Five Dollar Friday is your chance to hear great local artists at a price that anyone can afford.

Chicken And Dumpling – June 2 @ 8pm
On April 20, 2018 By admin

Chicken and Dumpling is an acoustic blues duo featuring Charles “Chicken” Oriel on the guitar and Julia “Dumpling” Simon on the bass.  Chicken & Dumpling plays the down-home, delta-style blues of Robert Johnson, Big Bill Broonzy, and Muddy Waters, in addition to the classic women’s blues of Bessie Smith and Sippie Wallace.  Chicken & Dumpling also covers contemporary blues artists like Bonnie Raitt and Eric Clapton, as well as jazz standards and popular songs.

Tickets: $5 Buy Now!

Doors open at 7:30, show starts at 8pm