Citizen Snips & Fonty – 4/14 @ 8pm

On February 5, 2018 By admin

These local bands are here to rock your socks off! Citizen Snips is an up and coming alternative rock band based out of Sacramento, California. The trio incorporates a variety of styles in their original music including folk, rock, surf punk, and jazz. As they chart their course to greatness, these individuals will stop at nothing to deliver a cosmic musical experience unlike any other. Visit them on instagram @citizensnips_band. Fonty is a Sacramento based indie rock band that emphasizes a sub-pop vibe and lo-fi/garage rock feel, but it’s their punk roots that really drive their music forward. Don’t believe me? Hear for yourself! @fontyband on FB, IG…and literally just type that in on every platform.

Tickets: $5

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