Improv Comedy Workshop – Wednesdays, Feb 5 – March 25 @ 6pm

On April 12, 2019 By admin

I’m happy to announce a new series of drop-in Improv workshops starting this coming Wednesday December 4th, 6pm-7:30pm at Watermelon Music.

Everyday Improv is a ninety minute workshop for fun-loving folks who want to practice the core skills of Improv Comedy, which includes positivity (Yes, and), staying present, supporting your partner, mental agility and emotional resilience, among others. “Participants will learn tips and tricks for bringing the fun and laughter we have in class into their daily life,” said workshop Instructor Liz Merry.

Each workshop will focus on one core Improv principle. The first workshop on December 4th will highlight “Yes, and..” the central tenet of the art of Improv Comedy. 

“Yes, and..” is probably the most common phrase used to describe the art of Improv Comedy, but in reality it has several meanings and practical uses. Ms. Merry explains it like this “I don’t expect to be able to be positive and cheerful all the time, although that is easier when you’re laughing a lot. For me and many Improv enthusiasts a ‘Yes, and…’ attitude means I’m open and present. And I’m adding to – but not dominating – the conversation. The concept overlaps a mindfulness practice in many ways – but funnier.”

While the workshops don’t require a long term commitment, participants will gain the maximum benefit by attending six sessions in a row as each session builds on the previous one. Participation is open to adults with an open mind and playful spirit. And, this is a safe and supportive environment to be your silliest self 😊

Everyday Improv Workshop Details

When: Weekly drop-in class beginning Wednesday December 4th, 6-7:30pm.

Where: Watermelon Music Melon Ball Theater, 1970 Lake Blvd., Suite 1.

Cost: Suggested Donation $10 cash at the door.

Who: Anyone 14yr old+ with an open mind and playful spirit. This class is available to people with limited mobility and/or energy deficits.

How: Pre-registration is not required but it is appreciated. Text Liz Merry at 530-304-4393 or email to indicate you plan to attend.