Anton Barbeau & Kenny with Roger Kunkel – Saturday, January 11 @ 8pm

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Anton Barbeau & Kenny

“The last true musical genius of the classic age.” – Elton Townend Jones, Drunken Werewolf

SAMMIE award winner Anton Barbeau returns with his official west coast band Kenny! Pulling from artists like Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, Andy Partridge, and Julian Cope, Barbeau has been described as “a bit of a genius” by BBC Radio and KFJC. Barbeau, now based in Berlin, was a prominent musician in the Sacramento-Davis Area, known for his quirky music and “out-there” personality. Describing his own music as “pre-apocalyptic psychedelic pop.” Anton has made over 20 albums and has worked with members of XTC, The Soft Boys, the Bevis Frond, Cake, the Loud Family and Mystery Lawn label-mates, the Corner Laughers. Julian Cope got him stoned in Croydon once. Read more about Anton HERE.

“The man in question is Anton Barbeau, cult hero and left-field maverick from Sacramento, California. Mind you, calling him a ‘singer/songwriter’ is a bit like calling Jimi Hendrix a ‘strummer.’ His songs are fervid, swarming, tangential and often humorous, but possessed of a compelling inner logic.”
Dorset Echo

“More than two decades after pop-savvy acid-eaters like John Lennon and Syd Barrett cracked the cosmic egg, this Sacramento songwriter slithered forth with a pure distillation of lyrical jabberwocky, brain-burrowing melody and mystical psych-guitar fuzz.” -SPIN Magazine, “The 100 Greatest Bands You’ve (probably) Never Heard”

Barbeau will be debuting several songs from his upcoming “Man-bird” concept album.

Roger Kunkel

Roger Kunkel spent his 20s touring and recording as an electric guitarist in Thin White Rope, a band out of Davis, California that garnered critical acclaim while producing five albums and appearing on stages from CBGBs in New York, to concert halls in the Soviet Union, to the Reading Festival in England. Even though Thin White Rope disbanded in 1992, interest still percolates with The Guardian labeling them cult heroes in 2015 and all five of their albums remastered and reissued in 2018.

Later in the 1990s, Kunkel took a decidedly different musical direction and formed the eclectic, jazz-surf-rock instrumental group Acme Rocket Quartet. The band was well received in the San Francisco Lounge scene and self-released three inventive albums. In the early 2000s, Kunkel largely retired from performing live and focused on family life while simultaneously developing his skills on acoustic instruments studying bluegrass and old-time guitar, mandolin, and fiddle.

In recent years, Kunkel has re-entered the live music scene as the lead guitarist of the highly regarded northern California retro classic country band Mike Blanchard and the Californios. Guitar Solo is Roger’s first solo release and sees him refocusing on original instrumental compositions. It is a sparse and bare boned collection of melodic themes and engaging chord progressions.


Available in-store, at doors, and online.

Show starts @ 8pm, Doors open @ 7:30pm

**The Melon Ball is a B.Y.O.B venue**