Backline/Pro Audio Rentals

Watermelon Music offers professional backline equipment rentals.  Prices shown are per day.  Discounts are available for longer term rentals. Contact us for more information.
Sound Reinforcement  
QSC K-10 1000w Powered Speaker
QSC K-12 1000w Powered Speaker
QSC K-SUB 1000w Powered Subwoofer
Allen & Heath ZED-12FX Passive Mixer
Phonic SonicStation 16-Channel Passive Mixer
Audio Technica 2000-Series Wireless Mic/Inst System
Audio Technica ATM410a Vocal Mic with Stand/Cable
Audio Technica ATM650 Inst Mic with Stand/Cable
Audio Technica MB4K Condenser Mic w/ Stand/Cable
$35/Day Each - 2 Available
$35/Day Each - 2 Available
$45/Day Each - 2 Available
$30/Day Each - 2 Available
$8/Day Each - 6 Available
$8/Day Each - 4 Available
$8/Day Each - 2 Available
Premier Marquis Professional Maple Set
4-5 Piece Kit w/ Cymbals configurable from the following:
Bass Drum:
Snare Drum:
Rack Toms:
Floor Toms:
Crash Cymbals:
Ride Cymbal:
Splash Cymbals:/Cable
Premier & Gibraltar Stands
DW5000 Bass Drum Pedal
Premier Marquis 16”x18” or 18”x20”
Ludwig Classic Maple 5.5”x14”
Premier Marquis 8”x10”,9”x12”, 9”x13”
Premier Marquis 14”x14”,16”x16”
A. Zildjian 14”, 16”,18” Thin Crash
A. Zildjian 20” MediumRide
A. Zildjian 8”, 10”Splash
A. Zildjian 14” New Beat
Hand Percussion:
Latin Percussion Professional Series

LP Percussion & Gibraltar Stands & Mounting Hardware

13” & 14” Tito Puente Timbales w/Stand
ES2 Salsa Cha-Cha Cowbell

Kurzweil PC88MX 88-Note Weighted Keyboard w/Stand
Instrument Amplifiers:
Fender 65 Twin Reissue Guitar Amplifier
Roland JC120 Stereo Guitar Amplifier
Crate TaxiTX30 Taxi Portable Mini Amp
SWR BASS750 Bass Amplifier Head
SWR Goliath Sr. 6x10” Speaker Cabinet
Ampeg B3 Acoustic Bass Amplifer