Fretted Instrument Repair

Harrison Phipps Repair
We are pleased to announce that local luthier Harrison Phipps (aka Fretted Strings) is now doing the bulk of the fretted instrument repair work for Watermelon Music.  The quality of Harrison's work is top notch, turnaround times are quicker than we've ever had before, and prices are right in line with what you've come to expect from our repair department.
Fretted Strings offers full service repairs for all fretted instruments.  California shop.  A specialty is setting action on acoustic and electric guitars to optimize tone, ease of playing, and correct intonation.  You can learn more at Harrison's website:
Harrison joins Dr. Rock (amplifier and electronic repair), Devin Hough (orchestra instrument and bow repair), and Brett Brinkley (woodwind and brass repair) at Watermelon Music.  The circle is now complete!
More About Harrison Phipps
Harrison Phipps built his first guitar in 1978 while apprenticing with the renowned guitar builder Arthur Overholtzer in Chico California.  Mr. Overholtzer is famous not only for his guitars, but for his numerous guitar making tools.  He built and sold – electric heated side benders, router bases for binding and rosette slots and fingerboard fret cutting miter boxes. 

Mr. Overholtzer authored the book “Classic Guitar Making” which was published in 1974.  The 323 page book contains written descriptions and 302 figures of his tools and techniques for making a classic guitar.  One of his Brazilian Rosewood classical guitars (#13) won “Grand Champion” at the 1969 Competition of the International Violin and Guitar Makers’ Association.  Charlie Robinson, Chico’s preeminent jazz guitarist played “In the Garden”, “Rock of Ages”, and “Amazing Grace” on #13 at Art’s funeral in 1982.

In Mr. Overholtzer’s shop Harrison learned from a master guitar builder the skills necessary to select premium woods, make superior gluing surfaces, optimize tonal properties of guitar woods during preparation and assembly, proper sharpening techniques and use of hand tools and a reverence for life, wood, and guitar building.  Richmond Talbott did fretted instrument repair in a local Chico music store.  It was here in the late 1970’s that Harrison met Richmond and learned the skills and techniques of fretted instrument repair.  While learning repair techniques from Richmond, Harrison met Lynn Sparks, another local instrument builder with a strong passion for searching out and collecting instrument grade wood.  Lynn and Harrison spent many days and weeks in the late 1970’s stockpiling spruce, mahogany, ebony and rosewood for later use.