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Devin Hough Repair
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As most people are just wrapping up their day, Devin Hough is settling into his Davis, California, shop to focus on his next Baroque instrument creation. Stay-at-home dad by day and luthier by night, Hough began studying violin making and repair more than 25 years ago with his grandfather. The twosome worked on several projects together, and Hough found himself drawn to period instruments, their sound and design. He now duplicates old designs for instrumentalists looking to replicate the Baroque sound, but unable to afford antique instruments. 
Hough focuses on subtle and elegant design work, be it ornate carving or just deftly applied glue and varnish. Violas, Baroque violins, violas d’amore, vielles, and viols are just a few of the instruments found in Hough’s studio shop.
Devin also does repairs, both great and small, from bow rehairs and peg fittings to cleating cracks and splits. Turnaround times vary depending on the job and the time of year, but are typically 1-2 weeks.
More About Devin Hough
I began my training as a violin maker in 1970 at age 12 with my grandfather, Paul Schaupp, and worked summers with him in Inglewood, California for seven years.

In 1980, I moved to Davis and started working for Albert C. Muller in Sacramento in 1985.  In his shop I refined my violin making skills and learned to do stringed instrument repair and restoration, working with him until 1991.
Currently I work repairing all forms of bowed string instruments and make violins, with a speciality in recreating instruments from the baroque, renaissance and medieval periods.