Rental Program

Rental Program
Watermelon Music’s rental program is a great way to get your child (or yourself) a high-quality instrument without a huge up-front investment.  You can rent for as short a period as two months, or for as long as you choose, and 100% of the rental amount you pay each month may be used as credit for the eventual purchase of an instrument.*
This works especially well for orchestral stringed instruments, as students often go through 3 or 4 sizes of violin, viola or cello before purchasing a full-sized instrument.  Rent paid on fractional-sized instruments may be applied to the purchase of the final instrument.
Our program is set up as a secure “Autopay” system, charging your credit or debit card on the due date each month, eliminating missed payments, late fees and lost statements.
We offer an optional “Maintenance Agreement” for an additional $3.00 per month, which will protect you against the costs of repairs for accidental damage or routine service on your rental instrument.
* Rental credit will accrue up to (but may not exceed) the total purchase price of the instrument being rented.