Used Ashdown RM-500 Evolution 500w Bass Amp Head

Used Ashdown RM-500 Evolution 500w Bass Amp Head

Model:  USED095

Manufacturer:  Ashdown

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Retail Price:  $479.99

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Used Ashdown Rootmaster 500w bass amp head.

The pre amp includes a passive and active input jack socket for use with high and low output instruments, this sets a clear signal path to the input control enabling you to fine tune your input level using the trademark Ashdown VU meter. With the signal at its optimal level, you then hit the rich features designed enhance your tone, such as the shape button, 5-band EQ and on-board compressor. The drive control, as always delivers a delectable valve emulated over-drive, whilst the sub harmonic controls add further fatness to your tone - both can be foot-switched via an FS 2 foot-switch (sold separately).

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