Complete Acoustic Guitar Method - Mastering w/CD

Complete Acoustic Guitar Method - Mastering w/CD

Model:  19341Guitar

Publisher:  Alfred

Artist:  Greg Horne

Voicing:  Guitar

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This, the third book of a power-packed series, begins with exercises for developing speed and agility. Techniques such as "machine gun strums," right-hand muting, slapping, tapping, slap harmonics and tremolo are introduced. You'll go further into Celtic music, blues, modal improvisation and alternate tunings and learn some world music styles, such as reggae, African/Brazilian, norteno and conjunto. This in-depth, thorough method for intermediate to advanced acoustic guitarists includes a look at more than ten alternate tunings and teaches analysis, counterpoint and voice leading. Any player, no matter how advanced, can improve their playing with this book. The CD offers play-along opportunities and demonstrates the examples.

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