Aerobics for Fiddlers w/CD

Aerobics for Fiddlers w/CD

Model:  95166BCDFiddle

Publisher:  MelBay

Voicing:  Fiddle

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A fast and fun way to get in shape and stay in shape on your fiddle. Written by champion fiddler Carol Ann Wheeler, Aerobics for Fiddlers contains well-thought-out exercises dealing with dexterity, vibrato, loosening and strengthening the wrist, plus techniques such as double-stops, turn-arounds, chromatics, etc. If you are serious about improving your tunes this is for you! Aerobics for Fiddlers is a proven method for developing quality sound and great facility. The exercises are designed especially to help players improve on the skills and licks used by fiddlers, and are different from violin exercise methods. Note: This product contains the same exercises as Mel Bay's Warm-Ups for the Violinist (#98676BCD). This book is full size, while Warm-Ups for the Violinist is half-size.

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