101 Essential Blues Progressions with Online Audio Access

101 Essential Blues Progressions with Online Audio Access

Model:  98339MGuitar

Publisher:  MelBay

Artist:  Larry McCabe

Voicing:  Guitar

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This user-friendly book, with access to online audio, shows how to transform standard three-chord blues changes into harmonically sophisticated jazz-blues progressions.The book covers chord substitution, twelve-bar blues, minor blues, eight-bar blues, and sixteen-bar blues. Chord frames are supplied for guitarists. Blank treble and bass staves are included for writing songs, licks, and solos. An absolute goldmine for all musicians, students, blues songwriters, recording studios, ad agencies, and anyone who plays blues music. This truly amazing learning/reference work, designed for beginners and pros alike, also contains an appendix featuring a wealth of information about modern blues progressions and how to create them. Online audio download available.

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