American Fiddle Method Vol 2 with Online Audio Access

American Fiddle Method Vol 2 with Online Audio Access

Model:  99472MFiddle

Publisher:  MelBay

Artist:  Brian Wicklund

Voicing:  Fiddle

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Designed as a follow-up to Volume 1, Volume 2 addresses such important skills as: 1) expanding a basic repertoire of common intermediate-level tunes, 2) learning to use low first position, 3) mastery of bowing down on the beat and corrective slurring, 4) artistic slurring, 5) understanding basic music theory, and 6) learning double-stop backup combinations. Some students who have studied violin or fiddle music before may be able to skip Volume 1 and start with Volume 2, assuming they are proficient at skills such as proper violin and bow placement and can play a small repertoire of fiddle tunes with good tone and intonation. Audio download available online.

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