Bach AB190S Artisan-Series Bb Trumpet - Silver Plated

Bach AB190S Artisan-Series Bb Trumpet - Silver Plated

Model:  AB190S

Manufacturer:  Bach

Color:  Silver

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No other brand evokes more passion, loyalty, and respect than Bach Stradivarius. Exceptional tonal color, balanced response, and superb projection are the hallmarks of designs by Vincent Bach. Carrying on the legacy and true to the vision of the master craftsman, the makers of today's Bach Stradivarius proudly introduce the Artisan Collection. Skillfully handcrafted, Artisan culminates in a unique blend of classic design, elegant styling, and the signature Bach sound. Whether a passionate enthusiast or performing artist, experience The Artisan Collection and discover the Artisan within.

Each Artisan Bb trumpet is made with a one-piece hand-hammered yellow brass bell with a flat rim and special acoustic treatment in both material and manufacturing process resulting in a beautiful Bach Stradivarius sound with a larger core and a broader range of color. The two-piece valve construction with nickel balusters and brass casings harkens back to the construction techniques used by Vincent Bach when making classic Bach trumpets in New York City and Mount Vernon, New York. Monel pistons along with two sets of brass and plastic valve guides offer the player a choice in response and feel. The 3rd valve tone enhancing ring offers yet another choice in response. The extended 3rd slide rod stop allows the player to extend the range to low F. The 1st slide split ring, enhanced radius ferrules, sculpted bracing, and artistic engraving are all key contributors to the unique response while providing an unparalleled elegance in appearance. The silver-plate finish of the AB190S provides a controlled brilliance to the overall sound. These features combined with a .459" medium-large bore allow the player to produce a spectacular sound well suited for all types of music.

Bb trumpet
.459" bore
4-13/16" diameter one-piece hand-hammered bell with flat rim
Special acoustic bell treatment
Enhanced radius ferrules
Monel pistons
2 sets of valve guides - brass/plastic
1st slide split ring
Extended low F 3rd slide rod stop
Deluxe engraving
3rd valve tone enhancing ring
Silver-plate finish
C190DBL deluxe double case
No mouthpiece

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