Fender CFA7010X Musicmaster 12w 1x12" Bass Amp

Fender CFA7010X Musicmaster 12w 1x12" Bass Amp

Model:  USED184

Manufacturer:  Fender

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Model/Circuit Number:
Years of Production: 1970 – 1982
Era: Silverface
Configuration: Combo
Controls: Silver, forward facing w/ blue labels
Knobs: 1-10 Skirted Knobs

Front: In, In, Vol/Power Sw., Tone – Pilot Lamp

Dimensions: 20 3/4” x 17” x 9 1/2”
Hardware: Medium Chassis Straps 4 5/8?
Handle: Black Strap Handle
Feet: Glides
Corners: Corner Protectors
Covering Material

Tolex/Tweed: Black Tolex
Grill Cloth: Blue Sparkle Grill Cloth
Logo: Grille mounted, raised, chrome & black script
Weight: 24 lbs.

Size: 1 x 12
Impedance: 8 ohms
Model: Oxford 126PJ4 or CTS 12(For more info, check out the Jensen Replacement Speakers)
~Watts: 12 watts

Pre amp: 12AX7
Power: 2 x 6AQ5 (7 pin minature pentode) or 2 x 6V6

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