Couch Vintage Cadillac Racer X Guitar Strap - Dark Red

Couch Vintage Cadillac Racer X Guitar Strap - Dark Red

Model:  RX025

Manufacturer:  CouchStraps

Color:  Dark Red

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Retail Price:  $45.00

Our Price: $45.00 

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This strap is made from the very last odd yardage of beautiful dark red vinyl labeled "Cadillac Hard-Top" we found at one of the oldest upholstery vinyl shops in the industrial district near downtown Los Angeles. We've done some similar in Black before, but for the first time we found a tiny roll of the same but in this Dark Red. Basically this dark maroon vinyl intended to reupholster the outer hard tops of those old vintage Cadillacs will make a sweet oxblood guitar strap.

The beautiful very dark red burgundy color has a shiny sheen to it that seems to look extra great with vintage gear. The white racing stripe is stitched in white and the the strap is backed in a muted black with matching black stitching.


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