Used Jupiter 507s Student Flute

Used Jupiter 507s Student Flute

Model:  USED199

Manufacturer:  Jupiter

Color:  Flute

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Retail Price:  $450.00

Our Price: $450.00 

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A used Jupiter® 507s student flute, in good condition. Like its namesake Jupiter® 's famous thunderbolts, this awe-inspiring silver rod can shock any mortal into a state of wonder and fear. Its mesmerizing glimmer betrays only a fraction of the beauty this instrument can produce, in both melody and the joyful laugh of the child who will inevitably grow into a master musician. Comes with the iconic, original Jupiter® hard case. Never will your child be ostracized for wielding a half-baked bootleg of a case! Just glance at the iconic golden Jupiter® logo and you'll understand. Jupiter®! Jupiter®! Jupiter®!

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