Couch Vintage Auto Vinyl Blue GTO Trunk Liner Guitar Strap

Couch Vintage Auto Vinyl Blue GTO Trunk Liner Guitar Strap

Model:  L024

Manufacturer:  CouchStraps

Color:  Blue

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Retail Price:  $44.95

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This guitar strap is made of the exact same vintage material used to line the trunks of 1965 through 1968 Pontiac GTO's and late 60's (and early 70's) Pontiac Firebirds like those pictured. Weirdly, this stuff had just been sitting in an old warehouse gathering dust for years when we found it. We really liked the blue hounds tooth pattern to begin with so we were beyond stoked to find out it was used in these amazing classic American cars! It was time to put this beautiful limited edition blue vinyl to brilliant use!

Like all our guitar straps, we hand-die-cut the end tabs here at Couch on our 16 ton die cutter before sewing them onto this double "luggage stitched" strap with matching custom metal hardware and stainless steel rivets. If you want a highly unique, highly durable, vegan, Hand Made in USA by guitarists, sweatshop free blue guitar strap at a great price, this is it!

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