Couch Keychain Drumkey Holder

Couch Keychain Drumkey Holder

Model:  KDH

Manufacturer:  CouchStraps

Color:  Black

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Retail Price:  $14.00

Our Price: $14.00 

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With the Couch Drum Key Holder Key Chain, you'll never show up to another rehearsal or gig unprepared again.

Made of upcycled repurposed 1970's American Automotive Upholstery Vinyl, each drum key keychain holds your drum key secure and in your pocket until it's ready to go. Just snap it out, tune and rock. Each pattern personally die cut on Couch's 16 ton press, hand sewn reinforced extra strong "power pad" lining, and a custom steel snap.

*Please note - Drum Key sold separately*

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