Kasza 17" R-Series Dirty Bell Crash Cymbal

Kasza 17" R-Series Dirty Bell Crash Cymbal

Model:  R17CDB

Manufacturer:  KaszaCymbals

Color:  Brill Raw Bell

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Retail Price:  $173.00

Our Price: $135.00 

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The Rock Series "Dirty Bell" cymbals by Kasza are made to be heard! These cymbals are bright and shimmery. The unlathed bell is LOUD and cuts through the mix like butter. Because the bell is raw, the overall projection of the cymbal is enhanced. These cymbals are perfect for driving styles of music like hard rock and metal.

The R Series from Kasza Cymbals features fully hand-hammered cymbals in the ancient tradition of cymbal making. Made from pure B20 cast bronze (80% copper 20% tin), all Kasza cymbals are handpicked for sound quality and workmanship. Every Kasza cymbal is a unique instrument and a true piece of art no two are alike.

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