Regal Tip 531R Blasticks - Wood Handle

Regal Tip 531R Blasticks - Wood Handle

Model:  531R

Manufacturer:  RegalTip

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Retail Price:  $37.00

Our Price: $25.00 

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Regal Tip Blasticks are softer than sticks, harder than brushes. They play like sticks but produce a soft and full sound. They are great for gigs when you want to play hard but not blow through the band. Adjustable sound rings allow you to slide the rings up and down the plastic bristles to produce different sound punctuations depending on your playing situation. Regal Tip has been supplying great drummers with great products for 50 years,. As the global leader in brush manufacturing, Regal Tip sets the standard for what you have come to expect. All Regal Tip products are hand crafted with detailed precision.

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